Top 5 Reasons To Use A Local Printing Service

local printing service

When you’re a small business, it may sound easier to use a big name online service for your printing needs.  Though it may seem like a good way to get your job done fast and cheap, there’s a number of very important reasons why a local printer may be better for your timeline, your wallet and your peace of mind.

Here’s five reasons why using the services of your local print shop is the way to go:

1. Using a Local Printing Service is Often Faster

The biggest myth about online printers is that they’re faster. Sure, you can sit down and upload your source files as soon as the thought pops into your head. However, since online printers have a larger volume of customers your order will simply be another number entered into a very long queue. It’s typical for an online service to have a 4-6 day turnaround time for your order, plus the time (and cost) of shipping your order to you. M&M Digital Printing’s turnaround can be as short as next day, and we can accommodate rush jobs for those times when you have a tight deadline. We can even deliver your order to you, if you’re business is within our delivery radius!

2. Real People Means Real Quality

With a local printing service, you’re more than just a number. You have the option of delivering your printing job to a team of local professionals who can make sure that your product comes out exactly as you want it.  Whereas an online service will simply take what you upload and print it as-is, your local print shop can add an extra level of quality assurance to ensure there’s no disconnect between your source materials and your printed product. Issues such as size, image quality, bleed and color concerns can be addressed by a printing professional before you’ve invested in a large order, potentially saving you a lot of money and frustration on the final product. Plus you get the added benefit of developing a relationship with real people who understand you and your business.

3. Professional Design and Copy Services

Have an idea, but not sure how to bring it to life? Need someone with a experience in your local area to help you create a truly successful project? Many local printing services, including M&M Digital Printing, offer design and copywriting services. A local professional can help you take your project from a simple idea all the way to a finished, printed product. Already have your source materials? Your local print shop can also offer consultations, helping you tweak things like color, size and copy to make sure your printed product looks just like you envisioned.

4. No Job is Too Small

Need a small run of business cards, or a handful of flyers for a local event? Many large online print shops will impose minimum orders, forcing you to order and pay for way more than you actually need. This can run up costs for your project, especially if you have multiple smaller orders. A local printing service can print 1 or 1,000 – whatever you need!

5. Complex Projects are No Problem

A local printer can be flexible in all areas of your project, not just the quantity and turnaround. Whereas an online printer will provide you with a list of services to choose from, a local printing service can offer custom printing to fit whatever your requirements are. No trying to force your idea into a standard set of templates! Your local printer can make sure you end up with the product you really want.

At M&M Digital Printing, we pride ourselves on making sure our clients get exactly what they wanted – regardless of job size or level of complexity. We love what we do and take pride in each and every product that we produce. If you have a print project in mind, give us a call at (518) 793-5168 to see how we can help you bring it to life. Whether large or small, complex or simple, we’ve got you covered.



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