Design Services

Let our professional design team help create a finished product you’ll be proud to share with your customers. If you have a special idea or marketing campaign plan, but you’re not sure how to visually execute it, give us your thoughts and we can create the perfect concept for your brand.


People too often take color for granted and forget how much of the marketing message is contained in the colors you select. As much as your logo and tag line identifies you with your brand to your customers, the color is also an integrative part of your branding. Color choice can depend on what type of brand identity you plan to achieve. If you need advice on color selections or matching a color with something you currently have in your branding, our design consultants can assist.


How a message is communicated is as important as the content of the message. That’s what separates superior ad copy from run of the mill advertising. Our ad copy writers will help you put together your written message, from headline and byline through content copy.

We can also help you create a tagline or branding message.


In order to have a successful marketing campaign you need to organize the elements of your branding message. Our layout experts are able to help develop your concept and present it in an structured fashion.

Ensure your branding is clear and concise so that your marketing efforts maximize your return on investment.

Putting it all together

All it takes is your idea, and M&M’s design experts will develop it into a professional marketing campaign. Feel free to stop by or send us your ideas, and we will work with you to take it from concept to printed product. Additionally, you get the peace of mind of knowing that all your print and promotional requirements are being met in one place. Guaranteed.