What Print Marketing Colors Will Increase Sales?

Print marketing colors that will increase sales

The psychology of color and how it impacts our moods, actions and judgments is well-known and well-documented. Studies of how color affects and influences us have huge implications for many areas of business, not the least of which is marketing and advertising. Colors can soothe, incite and inspire us. They can also agitate, depress or create a sense of foreboding. They can spur us to take action. Or they can lull us into a sense of calm. What print marketing colors will increase sales?

When it comes to planning your sales and marketing campaigns or working through the colors for your branding strategy, there are no hard and fast rules about what colors are “good” and what ones are “bad” for two simple reasons:

  1. Different people respond to colors differently.
  2. A lot depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your choice of colors and who your target audience is.

Each color has an upside and a downside. For example, certain shades of blue can stimulate and motivate; while other shades can subdue. The same is true of the color red. On the one hand, it sends a strong message of inherent power. But, it can also convey a sense of anger.

It is important to choose carefully when you are selecting colors for your website, marketing materials and advertising campaigns.

Rule #1: Colors Define Mood and Influence Responses

Colors appeal to our emotions and persuade us to take a certain action or embrace a specific product or position. One good example is the color green.

Most people associate this color with the earth, good health and optimism. When we choose green as part of our marketing strategy, we are inviting people to invest in a product or service that will make them feel a sense of well-being.

Green is also the color of money and may send the message to your prospective buyer that your company is successful, credible and, therefore, a good company with which to do business.

Some colors may, on the surface, seem to be a week choice. One example is the color pink.

While, for some businesses, pink would be entirely inappropriate and seen as a frivolous color, not to be taken seriously; for others, it conveys a sense of free-spirited boldness and freshness. For still others, pink conveys a sense of tranquility, inner peace and love.

Dignity, Luxury, Power, Ownership Colors

Colors like purple, gold, red and black are often used in marketing and advertising to denote wealth, confidence and a regal self-assurance. Many luxury brands use these colors, either individually or in combinations to set their products and services apart as highly desirable.  When you purchase a product from this company, you get the feeling that you have reached a pinnacle of personal success. (See our blog Custom Printed Presentation Folders Boost Your Business!)

So, when you’re creating your brand strategy and developing a marketing campaign, don’t just spin the color wheel. The best thing to do is work with the professionals at M & M Digital Printing in Queensbury NY who have a strong knowledge and understanding of the power and nuances of colors and who understand your target audience and your overarching goals.

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