Door Hangers: Your Door-to-Door Marketing Campaign!

When it comes to physically printed marketing materials, the concept of door hangers can sometimes be forgotten among the more mainstream marketing tools like business cards, flyers posters or presentation folders. Custom printed door hangers, however, can be a very powerful, affordable weapon for any local business to have in their marketing arsenal!

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What are Door Hangers?

Custom printed door hangers are similar to flyers, postcards and rack cards with the exception of how their delivered. Instead of being sent through the mail, these items are designed to be hung on the door of potential customer’s houses. Typically, a door hanger is made to be eye catching yet simple and often offers some sort of offer to entice the customer.

Why are Door Hangers Effective?

  1. Location: Door hangers take up the same space as other important notices such as delivery and utility slips, increasing the chance that the customer will look at them.
  2. Separation: They’re placed on the door instead of inside the mailbox, meaning they’re less likely to get lumped in and discarded with the junk mail and promotional items.
  3. Interaction: Having a door hanger placed on a customer’s door forces interaction. They have to physically remove it from the door, rather than just grabbing it with a bunch of other papers from a mailbox. This means that each person will at least get a forced glance at what you’re offering.

The Perfect Door Hanger Marketing Campaign!

Though a basic door hanger campaign can often be successful, there’s a number of tips and tricks you can use to make sure you see a great return on your investment in printing and distribution costs.

  • When printing your door hangers, make sure to choose a heavy card stock. When distributing to outdoor neighborhoods, this gives less chance of the hanger being blown away or otherwise displaced by the elements before your audience even sees it.
  • Save the top of the card for an exciting offer or header instead of your company name or logo. Make sure the first thing they see when reaching for the door hanger is something that makes them want to learn more.
  • Create an excellent offer to entice potential customers. If you’re distributing something like a door hanger, then people know you’re a local business. Give them a strong reason to come see you instead of one of the larger or chain companies they may be more familiar with.
  • Do proper research to target your demographic. Considering you’ll need to either distribute the hangers yourselves or hire a distribution company, you’ll want to focus your efforts on neighborhoods that are more likely to invest in your services so that you can make sure to come out ahead.
  • Make sure to create a top quality design. You know it will be seen, so make sure it’s interesting enough to make people curious. Invest in eye catching photos, complementary colors and a clean design to get the best response.
  • Persistence is key! Door hangers are often a cheaper alternative to other custom printed marketing materials, which gives you more flexibility in the length and repetition of your marketing campaign.
  • Create clear, compelling copy. Door hanger’s aren’t as large as something as a brochure, and so you’ll want to be selective in the text that you choose. Make your text and offers clear, easy and quick to understand. To make sure your hanger is as professional as possible, consider investing in professional design and copywriting services.
  • Make offers convenient. When creating a door hanger layout, it’s important that any included offer is easy to use. Consider having any coupons perforated, or use an easy to remember offer code.

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