Custom Printed Presentation Folders Boost Your Business!

folder-7-2016In today’s competitive business world it’s important to have unique, impressive marketing materials to make your business stand out. Whether you’re preparing for a small in-house meeting or a large scale trade show, using custom printed professional materials can have a huge impact on your performance with your target audience.

A Professional First Impression

Custom designed presentation folders are a great way to organize your content and make a solid first impression. In a word of printed flyers and endless business cards, a sturdy professional looking folder can go a long way. Not only does it look professional on the outside, it also gives you the opportunity to control how your content is organized. You can make sure that first look that your audience gets at your information is presented in a digestible, easy to understand manner.

Branded Presentation

Using custom printed presentation folders gives you a lot of opportunity to stand out against the competition. To start, it gives you the opportunity to brand your materials and create a stronger presence than you could with a small business card or simple flyer. Your folder can use your colors, logo and overall presence to create a strong, branded look that will stick with your potential prospects long after you’ve spoken with them. Often times, especially when working with a local printing service, you can even customize the folder’s size, pockets and additional assets.

Unrivaled Convenience for Them

Aside from the branding opportunities, presentation folders also provide a huge convenience to both yourself and your audience. At trade shows and conventions, it’s easy for your marketing materials to get mixed up and lost with everyone else’s. Not to mention how much the pure volume of materials can overwhelm attendees! Even in smaller meetings, it’s easy for multiple handouts to get lost on busy desks and in hastily-packed briefcases. A presentation folder makes everyone’s life just a little bit easier.

More Flexibility for You

A custom folder is a welcome convenience for them and a big marketing opportunity for you. It lets you provide more information in a variety of means, such as business cards, flyers, brochures and branded freebies. Your prospects aren’t overwhelmed by you trying to hand them 10 different handouts, and you can feel secure in the fact that all the information you want to present is easily received. Better yet, this level of organization also means that there’s more potential for your information to last and to not get mixed up with the competition.

Durable Reference Materials

Long lasting information also means that people have the ability to reference your material at a later date and their leisure. This is a nice convenience for them, and some extra reassurance for you. Whether you’re information is for marketing purposes or simply informational, you’re giving your audience the opportunity to digest it when they need it, to reference back to it when they have questions, and to remember you and your brand when an opportunity arises. Giving your users control creates a positive experience all around – one that they’re likely to remember and associate with your brand!

If you have a presentation that could use a little extra organization, convenience and professionalism, consider giving custom printed presentation folders a try! M&M Digital Printing is a full service commercial printer, offering a wide range of products and printing services. Whether it’s a small meeting or a large trade show, we want to help you be successful. Call Us Today at (518) 793-5168 or request a free estimate online.

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