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Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Business With Posters!

Posters are a cost-effective, easily distributed print marketing option that very successful in promoting a business, product, event or service. Whether they’re used inside your business to direct customers to special offers and promotions going on in your store, distributed in neighborhoods to promote local events, or hung in other business establishments with related services, … Read More

What Print Marketing Colors Will Increase Sales?

The psychology of color and how it impacts our moods, actions and judgments is well-known and well-documented. Studies of how color affects and influences us have huge implications for many areas of business, not the least of which is marketing and advertising. Colors can soothe, incite and inspire us. They can also agitate, depress or … Read More

Thank You & Happy New Year From Matt Flint!

2016 has been an amazing year here at M & M Digital Printing!  We have gained a lot of new customers, taken on some new types of projects, and had a lot of fun. This year we updated our technology with new computers and software, and invested in new digital equipment to accommodate wide format … Read More

Print Posters: Creating Your Message!

Print posters and print services from M & M Digital Printing in Glens Falls offer a unique way to promote your business products or services!  When combined by our designers, your business poster design, color and size will contribute to creating a message that tells your target market who you are and why you are … Read More