Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Business With Posters!

 Promote Your Business With Posters Glens Falls Lake George Saratoga Springs NYPosters are a cost-effective, easily distributed print marketing option that very successful in promoting a business, product, event or service. Whether they’re used inside your business to direct customers to special offers and promotions going on in your store, distributed in neighborhoods to promote local events, or hung in other business establishments with related services, posters from M & M Digital Printing are a great way to increase business and brand awareness in your target markets.

1. Keep It Simple

A successful poster should grab the reader’s attention.  Graphics are a fantastic way to do that, but be careful. Too much text, too many graphics and colors can confuse your message, or lose the interest of the reader. Keep your text brief and your font clean and easy to read. Our custom design services can help you choose a simple color scheme that complements your logo or brand.

2. Focus on a Singular Purpose or Message

What is the purpose of your poster? Do you want to direct customers into your store? Do you want to grow your social media presence? Do you want to advertise a sale on your website, or promote a particular service or offer? You want to use your poster as a call to action. A good poster will motivate the reader to engage, so you want to direct them to a take a particular action that benefits your purpose; visit your business, website, social media page, etc..  Use a singular point of contact. Remember, keep it simple!

3. Poster Placement for Highest Engagement

Consider places to hang your posters where your target audience will likely be. It can also be beneficial to consider places where the most people are most likely to look at it. Think about places that people often have to wait; doctor’s office waiting rooms, coffee shops, transportation stops, service business waiting rooms, etc.  Make sure to distribute posters within your own organization or retail/wholesale customer base. These people already know your business, product or service well.

Posters are great for using inside and around your own business as well. They are perfect to direct customers to special offers and promotions within your store, or to encourage repeat visits for upcoming sales. They can add flair and help with branding inside your office waiting room or store front windows. They can help create awareness in your neighborhood of your presence.

Keep size in mind when you are thinking about where you will place your posters. A poster hung in a small room at eye level does not have to be large to be effective. However, a poster in a large room or outdoors, hung above eye level will need to be larger to be as effective at catching the eye of your target audience.

At M&M Digital Printing in Glens Falls, we can help you create a poster to create brand awareness, advertise an event, or market to your business or services, as well as provide unique promotional products for your business or organization. Call us today at (518) 793-5168 or get a free estimate for your project! Our commitment to quality and service for all of your printing needs is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

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